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Reporting dashboards, analytics & data visualisation design

User interface (UI) design, is a broad skillset that crosses over between many other fields of design, including web design, user experience (UX) design and data visualiation. If UX design were the planning of roads and motorways, UI design would deal with the road markings, signage, and the colours of the traffic lights that allow people to navigate those roads.

Nowadays, 'UI design' typically refers to designing screen-based interfaces, often software and web apps such as analytics tools or reporting dashboards. It deals with the layout and visualisation of data – graphs, charts, tables, etc – commonly in a 'brand style', though designing mobile apps (and even websites) is a form of UI design.

What I offer

Clean & simple user interface design

Designing an effective user interface requires a solid understanding of graphic design, usability, and even pyschology. It's not about trends or UI kits (though they are useful). An effective interface focusses on readability and hierarchy of content, making it easy to navigate without explanation.

Focus on strong user experience

The person using a web app or dashboard is always at the forefront of my design process. Through knowledge of UX design and usability, I'm always considering the best way to make an interface clear and logical to use by removing barriers and pain-points.

Professional, industry focussed software

Ditch those clunky Photoshop files, the future is here. My design tool of choice is Sketch. Paired with Zeplin it makes producing and handing over designs to you or your developers an absolute breeze.

sketch and zeplin logos, a perfect pairing for modern ui and web design


of all information transmitted to our brains is visual data


people would rather read beautifully designed content instead of plain text


of people are more likely to trust data that is presented as a chart


If you're looking for a designer you'd be making a very good choice by hiring Paul. Paul has been working on projects for us going back to 2014. The designs are always brilliant, with excellent communication and quick turnaround times. Very highly recommended!

Charles Cridland Chief Technical Operator, YourParkingSpace Ltd

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